Benefits of Using 5G Technology Networks for Supporting Productivity

Benefits of Using 5G Technology Networks for Supporting Productivity

The rate of technological development is increasingly unstoppable with such a large role in helping support daily activities. In addition, there are still many benefits that are obtained as a result of technological advances for all mankind, especially in communication networks. 

In the beginning, all people in the world used telecommunication networks to call relatives or leave those who were far away, whether they were different cities, islands or even countries. However, since the emergence of an object called a smartphone which really needs a stable connectivity network in order to carry out more optimal functions, many countries are competing to make network updates that have more adequate bandwidth so that many people can use them without any problems with decreasing surfing speed marked by The early emergence of 3G networks allowed more stable access for video calls, then various HD resolution streaming service content appeared, so a better network such as 4G to 4.5G was needed.

Entering the digital era of wireless technology in 2020 does not escape the update of internet connection speed by switching to the latest generation 5 or better known as 5G which is a wireless technology embedded in every smartphone device transmitted by hardware that supports 5G network connectivity at the output. the latest. Therefore, old smart phone devices will definitely not be able to enjoy network services because they do not have a receiver that is in accordance with the latest connection standards. In developing the 5G network, an infrastructure called BTS (Base Transceiver Station) is needed to function as a transmitter and receiver for radio frequency signals to various communication devices.

5G technology presents more new invonations than its predecessors. In the 5G network speed, it manages to exceed the speed of the 4G network up to 10-100 times in transmitting data. The wide bandwidth capacity allows it to accommodate access to more devices in real time.

What if a 5G network is implemented to support productivity? it is definitely very helpful, especially the demands of the times that require every life to be able to move even faster, here is a summary of the benefits that will be felt by using the network:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is an innovation that allows every device to be connected in realtime, various data and has a very long range of wireless access. From the existence of a 5G network, it allows much faster, more stable connectivity and data security by every IoT user because 5G has latency, speed and costs that are not offered in previous technologies.

  • Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) exist due to technological advances that allow humans to connect with virtual worlds which are very common in smartphone hardware device technology. The 5G technology base has a big share in the availability of wireless connections in the gaming industry that uses this technology to increase responsiveness, high resolution, and minimal frequency lag during operation.

  • Autonomous Car 

Autonomous Car is an advancement in the automotive industry that presents a driverless car technology (autonomous). The development of autonomous cars continues to be carried out by vehicle manufacturers to create a vehicle that is completely safe for its occupants. Of course it will require a stable and strong connection to be able to move the various sensor components used in collecting command data to run vehicles that cannot be handled by a standard internet network with the presence of 5G which can be used as a foundation in the future development of autonomous car devices.

  • Advantages of Network Speed

5G technology is able to provide download and upload speeds from previous internet technologies. Imagine for me a file in the size of 10GB can be transmitted in just a few seconds so it is very suitable for the creative industry to present streaming video content with high resolution 4K to 8K without any connection delay.

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