The Importance of Self-Motivation To Achieve Success 

The Importance of Self-Motivation To Achieve Success

In living life, every person has certain directions and goals to be achieved. In order to be in harmony with the path you want to go to, it must be included with the intention to reach it which can be said to be easy or difficult depending on the heart of every human being. 

If we observe how a person with a managerial position can control or direct each subordinate so that it is directed to the maximum possible performance results. That it is very clear that the motivation that exists within each individual has the power to have a positive effect on other individuals.

Obviously, achieving success must of course be built with a strong motivational foundation from both internal and external personal which must go hand in hand in order to have a balance. An important part of motivating is how to start at the beginning of the journey because that is the intention of everyone to achieve success which will be meaningful in his life.

Success itself is a result of the achievement of living a life either in the form of having a lot of material, having a future that people want or respect another will be the status of an individual. How to get it is not instantaneous but requires a step-by-step process over time to get the best achievement.

Just imagine if a motivation can be used as the key to achieving success. But it is not as easy as we think, in practice there are many unsavory obstacles with results to be achieved, ranging from delaying because of laziness, pessimism to having too many plans, not the answer to getting success, instead imposing a way of life that does not match the reality.

That it is very clear not when mature motivation can be used as a foundation for achieving success that is easier for sure. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand what factors influence my self-motivation.

  • Internal

Factors The most dominant factor that will influence the attitude of an individual to carry out his self-motivation as a result of the desire to achieve success and responsibility in running life. Then whatever the factors are, such as:

Hope, which is the most coveted thing by many people in order to further encourage willingness to be achieved.

Needs, Humans will certainly have the necessities of life that must be fulfilled such as looking for a job that can guarantee worthiness for one’s self-esteem.

Responsibility, all activities that are carried out must be based on caution and of course responsibility for the actions taken.

  • External

factors are a factor that does not directly influence but has a large enough impact to trigger a motivation from within, like what are the factors, let’s see together:

Work, the higher the job title is carried, the greater the motivation to have for get a final achievement or an achievement to be appreciated by others.

Environment, So far the environment in which you live has a very significant effect in generating motivation because the support from people around you can be used as a fire of motivation to achieve success.

In addition to self-motivation factors, there are also types of motivation such as:

  • Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsile

motivation is an effort to have an inner drive to move forward without any external motivating factors to be achieved, for example, if you want to own a car, of course you are a worker. it will be harder to earn from improving job performance to saving.

  • Extrinsic Motivation Extrinsic

motivation is a desire that arises from a compulsion from outside which causes to achieve something that will unconsciously have a direct positive impact or not for oneself as an example of a student who will be diligent in learning so that he can move up the grade and get the best results.

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